Empowered Solutions

Product Selection & Strategies

3MPWR respective teams will meet with client and consultant to determine benefits and enrollment strategies.

  • Obtain information for plan analysis

  • 3MPWR develops RFP to send to carriers

  • We will furnish spreadsheets with carrier responses

  • Obtain information for plan analysis from client

  • 3MPWR schedules meeting to review spreadsheets

  • Evaluate recommendations

  • Finalize Open Enrollment Timeline

  • Start implementation process of new benefits

  • Begin platform discovery and development

Benefits Administration

We reduce your administrative burden by minimizing costs with HR and compliance services, having seamless benefits administration, and using integrated benefits technology. 3MPWR updates and manages benefits with the best technologies and supportive systems so your data gets to where it needs to.

  • Benefits Administration Services
  • Integrated Benefits Technology
  • HR & Compliance Resources


3MPWR reduces your administrative burden with our compliance management. We can help minimize the cost with annual compliance health checks that protect your program from liability. All clients are provided access to automated client portals that provide additional information and resources pertaining to HR topics, trends and regulatory changes. 

Project Management & Implementation

As part of our enrollment management services, we stay on top of the many moving pieces so that you don’t have to. From start to finish, our Project Management experts will monitor your case and ensure your critical deadlines are met. Our dedicated project managers ensure your benefit enrollments run smoothly with the best outcomes.

  • Project managers keep the lines of communication open between partners, 3MPWR, and the client
  • They organize and communicate the needs of the client directly between carriers and 3MPWR
  • They also develop a relationship with clients to ensure strategic enrollment management

Billing Solutions

The enrollment elections are sent to the carriers via file feeds. An internal audit is performed to ensure accurate data on the annual payroll upload file that will be provided to the client. This file imports the deductions into the payroll system based on open enrollment elections. It is crucial to make sure this file is accurate to begin the plan year with good data.

  • 3MPWR focuses on providing payroll team with information prior to processing payroll to reduce the number of discrepancies. 

  • Weekly change files to keep all systems in sync.

  • Reconcile down to the member level.

  • Reconciliations performed monthly – no more large checks sent back to the client at year’s end from the carriers/TPA without backup documentation.

  • Monthly reconciliations also help the client to keep liability accounts zeroed out, or at the least allows the payroll team to communicate any differences with the finance team (less work at year end when preparing for audit).

TPA Solutions

3MPWR offers total TPA solutions for benefits brokerage, management, and consulting. We deliver customizable and innovative solutions that are part of a four-step process, including: 

  • Brokerage and Consulting helping employers control cost and risk through high-performance benefits programs.
  • Communication, Education, & Engagement delivering the value of your benefits programs to your employees through collaborative communication strategies that align with your business objectives.
  • Administration and Compliance offers complete and flexible benefits delivery and administration solutions through operational expertise paired with service excellence.
  • Enrollment Management delivers a custom enrollment experience that aligns with your organizations’ objectives through best-in-class partners.

Perpetual Service Center

The 3MPWR Customer Service Center is a valuable part of the enrollment management services we offer. Our customer service representatives are a trusted resource that helps protect participants and answer their questions. 3MPWR Representatives are trained as customer advocates and problem-solvers. They support the enrollment process with helpful information about scheduling, enrollment timelines, and product information.

  • Welcoming and helpful call experience
  • Actively listens and respond to callers on a personal level – no cue cards or scripts
  • Strives to provide a one call resolution with a professional and friendly tone

New Hire Onboarding

We will help introduce your incoming team members to your organization by building a lasting first impression. Our team will engage them with their first look into the benefits available to them and provide the education they need and empower them to enroll in the benefits that meet their unique needs.

“We take pride in knowing employees have a complete and total understanding of their employee benefits program, and it is our desire to make sure employees know how to leverage those benefits to maximize their coverages while minimizing the costs associated with those benefits."

David Perry, Managing Principal of 3MPWR

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