Empowered Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment Planning

3MPWR will coordinate with respective teams to meet with the client and consultant to determine benefit and enrollment related needs.

  • Enrollment Conditions
  • Enrollment Type
  • Product Related Needs
  • Enrollment Window
  • Platform Details
  • Actives/New Hires
  • Retirees

Enrollment Management

We deliver a custom enrollment experience that aligns with your organization’s objectives. 3MPWR uses customizable enrollment platforms, comprehensive and friendly customer service representatives, and thorough project managers to ensure your benefits enrollment runs smoothly and maximizes the value of your benefits with high employee participation.

  • Facilitates both group or individual enrollment meetings
  • Published communication materials to educate everyone on your team about the fantastic benefits you offer
  • We offer flyers, email campaigns, and more to get the word out about your Open Enrollment.
  • Help inform your employees by providing overall benefit education, and year-round new hire enrollment.

Post Enrollment Analysis

Post enrollment surveys and after action reviews are done to fortify positive results and identify opportunities for enhancement.

  • Feedback Surveys
  • SalesForce Reporting
  • Product by Demographic
  • Logistics Analysis

Qualifying Life Events

Life happens and when it does, we are here to help. Qualifying life events (QLE) allow employees to enter a special open enrollment window in ACA-compliant plans. Our team can assist by educating your employees on the benefits available to them and the rules for qualifying events.

What are some examples of QLE?

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Marriage (and divorce)
  • Loss of other coverage (if the coverage lost is considered minimum essential coverage)
  • Relocating to an area where a different health plan is available (if coverage is currently in place)
  • Increase in income (if currently moves eligibility out of Medicaid)
  • Resident status change (becoming a U.S. citizen or lawfully present resident)

“We take pride in knowing employees have a complete and total understanding of their employee benefits program, and it is our desire to make sure employees know how to leverage those benefits to maximize their coverages while minimizing the costs associated with those benefits."

David Perry, Managing Principal of 3MPWR

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