Empowered Engagement


3MPWR will meet with client and consultant to determine benefit and enrollment related needs.

  • Enrollment Conditions
  • Enrollment Type
  • Product Related Needs
  • Enrollment Window
  • Platform Details
  • Actives/New Hires
  • Retirees


At 3MPWR, we are experts in educating and engaging your workforce with the information they need to Empower them to make informed benefit decisions. We provide communication tactics that serve all demographics and populations. Our customized communication strategies will help your employees become more informed consumers. We’ll help you discover a better way to benefit.

  • Customized Communications
  • Enrollment Support
  • Education Tools


Through collaborative communications strategies that align with your business objectives, 3MPWR helps deliver the value of your benefits programs to your employees.

  • Marketing & Communication Program Launched
  • Scheduling Links Distributed
  • Text / Email Distributions
  • Educational Materials


Our communication materials include a clear call to action to help you reach your goals. Your employees will understand exactly what they need to do and why it is important for their health and wellness. Our communication tools and strategies not only educate your employees but empower them to be good consumers.

GeoMap Analysis

GeoSpacial uses Enrollment and Demographics information to transform data into actionable insights.

  • Enables dissection of enrollments to find gaps in benefits, engagement, communication, or education
  • Identify and minimize enrollment inefficiencies
  • Provides visual graphics and analytics to maximize key educational opportunities
  • Analyze geographic enrollment behavior

New Hire Onboarding

We will help introduce your incoming team members to your organization by building a lasting first impression. Our team will engage them with their first look into the benefits available to them and provide the education they need and empower them to enroll in the benefits that meet their unique needs.

Our Specialty

Our core competency is design, develop project plan to execute and launch our award winning communications tools to ENGAGE your team member to ensure they are provided access to Benefit Counselors to EDUCATE them about the benefits available to them to EMPOWER them to not only enroll in their benefits, but to utilize them.

“We take pride in knowing employees have a complete and total understanding of their employee benefits program, and it is our desire to make sure employees know how to leverage those benefits to maximize their coverages while minimizing the costs associated with those benefits."

David Perry, Managing Principal of 3MPWR

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